While you are focusing on your core business

We Are Empowering You To Access Decentralized Finance!

We are building and running blockchain-based products, services and companies for tomorrow’s finance. We unite expertise in tech, token-economics, business, capital markets and legal.

Our products

We cover a broad range of products & services to give and facilitate the access for our customers to decentralized finance . SmartVoucher Ecosystems to infrastructure services as payment, identity and solution.

SmartVoucher Ecosystem

Your own digital company currency and ecosystem around. We connect you closer to your customers!

Infrastructure Services

Our payment, identity and crypto custody solutions.We support and complete your offering!

Why work with us?

Benefit from our broad experience, our holistic product portfolio, our 360° perspective, and our EPIC-approach!

Our broad experience

Our 360° perspective

We are viewing all aspect of our customers projects with a 360° perspective through a technical, business, token-economic and legal lens.

Our holistic product & service portfolio

We are covering the full token lifecycle from planning & structuring over technical on- and off-chain implementation to after-sale management and custody.

Our EPIC approach

We are guaranteeing excellent Executing through perfect Preparation, individual Implementation and complete Coverage of all important aspects!

Our Values

Our Values: Where we come from

We are edified by decentralization and dedicated to decentralized finance!

We believe in the power of token, blockchain and disruptive technologies to change our global economy & societies for the better!

Our Vision: Where we want to go

We want to contribute to a more open, transparent and fair global finance system! We want to empower people and businesses to reshape their relationships and build new sustainable ecosystems !

Our Mission: How we achieve it?

We are building for our customers blockchain products and companies which innovate finance, facilitate access to decentralized finance, disintermediate and bring different stakeholders closer together!


Meet The Team

Lukas Krigar
Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate macroeconomist, combining analytical, strategic and modelling expertise through an economic, legal and tech lens. Expert in token economics and tokenized assets with 10 years experience in business consulting for finance, private equity and asset management.
Former lecturer in business economics, finance and management.

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